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1992 Jeep Cherokee

The 1992 Jeep Cherokee Laredo has two doors. It has a five-speed manual transmission. It is painted green. Already we have the makings of something that was most definitely going to be spotted around these parts on Bring a Trailer.

Now, the green paint is not original, and is a recent repaint due to "clearcoat failure." Does it look like we care? We don't. The thing looks superb, especially with the color-matched fenders and bumpers. Adding to it all are the 15-inch black wheels wrapped in 30-inch General Grabber off-road tires that fit nicely to a suspension that's raised a tasteful 2 inches. Even the roof basket looks swell.

The interior, which is again accessed by only two awesome doors, is gray. That would typically be a bit dull, but the shade works perfectly with the exterior. The upholstery looks to be in excellent shape despite 135,000 miles, and that giant rod sticking out of the center console wrapped in a Japanese rubber temple is enough to make one's heart flutter. There's no air conditioning, but hey, nothing's perfect.

The car has always been registered in Oregon because, of course, it is.

The Bring a Trailer auction lasts until Wednesday, May 6, at 12:35 pm.
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