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  1. jefferis

    Help us Win! Vote for us!

    IGOTA, LLC VOTE FOR US Cutting Edge Social Media Experts for our own sites, we have generated 70,000 Facebook likes within one year for one of our community-enthusiast forums. With 5 sites and growing, we have a weekly reach of over 717,000 for our posts. We are starting to expand our...
  2. jefferis


    Do not use E-15 gas in your car. It will damage your engine. The AAA club is putting out the warnin Check out the video. For those of you who do not have 2012 cars or newer please watch this video from Fox Business news-very informative. If you have cars/trucks, YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS...
  3. jefferis

    My Love Affair With Cars

    My First Car Back in 1963, my father bought his first sport?s car, a black convertible Triumph TR4. We lived in Memphis, Tennessee and I was 9 years old. Here?s a picture of me with with my sister and younger brother. When I was twelve, we moved from Memphis to Rockville, MD. I sat in the...