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    Update: 1-5-2018: The website has been totally redone from top to bottom with all new desktop and mobile viewing.

    Update: 7-21-2017: We've been super busy revamping the website. As of so far we have installed our new logo and added https:// for improved security and speed. Stay tuned for more exciting changes!

    Update: 8-26-2015: Over the last few days we've been cleaning up and making things easier to find. We hope you like the changes.

    Update: 2-3-2015: We've been busy updating the site design. We're just in the starting stages. Stay tuned!

    Update: 9-13-2014: IGOTAJEEP.COM is under new management and we have started to change the look of the forum. Stay tuned for more updates!

    Update: 5-14-2013: We have just moved up to 3,000 Facebook Fans, and introduced our new "Platinum" membership.

    Update: 2-6-2013: We just hit over 2,000 Facebook Fans! Thank you!

    Update: 10-30-2012: We finally have opened the doors to let members sign up, and start building another great I.G.O.T.A. community.

    Update: 10-13-2012: For the last 3 months we have designed IGOTAJEEP.COM. We have been testing the forum with many new features, and will continue to add new features and update daily as we go.

    Please check back often for new announcements. Thanks once again for your support and donations to IGOTAJEEP.COM.

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