We are an Authorized Applicator of Protection First Class (PFC) Rustproofing for the Butler, PA and Surrounding Areas.

About PFC Rust Proofing:
Protection First Class (PFC) was developed after months of testing and research (Test Results below). The product is a lanolin wax based rust preventative, lubricant, and penetrant. Its superior formula is the best way to protect your investment. The Translucent no drip product stays soft and flexible and is self-healing which means it continues to coat long after other water soluble or solvent based products have evaporated or worn off. The cost of application is inexpensive yet when needing to do repairs or maintenance on the vehicle easy to remove and reapply. This is an annual application that does not trap in contaminants, unlike traditional rubberized products.

PFC Test Info:
Six Total Products were tested PFC and 5 Competitors. They were all sprayed on an uncoated steel panel and suspended in a 5% salt fog cabinet. Products were tested until 50% of their surface area was corroded. Of the 6 products, 1 failed at 24 hours, 1 failed at 48 hours, 2 failed at 72 hours, and 1 failed at 96 hours. PFC, however, lased for 9 weeks and never actually failed as the test was cut off at 1,512 hours. At that time the sample showed less than 10% corrosion.

PFC is applied to the following:
1. Frame and Chassis Components including cross braces and supports
2. Under body panels such as the floor pan bottoms, bed floor, Pinch welds, etc.
3. Fuel and brake lines
4. Fuel Tanks and Strapping
5. Inside bumpers and bumper supports
6. Inside the rocker panels, cab corners, and inner fenders
7. Engine Mounts, Rad Supports, Firewall, and strut towers
8. Suspension Components

2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Smokey Mountain Edition:
We had this JK Wrangler come in with only 700 miles on it at the time of application. We prepped the underside and all panels with our degreasing process. Removed Wheels and Tires for better access and bagged the brake assembly so no overspray could get onto the braking system. From there were begin full application of all panels and areas listed above.

Features and Details of the Product:
* No Dripping After Application
* Does Not Trap In Contamination
* Low-Cost Application
* Easy to Remove and Reapply for Needed Repairs
* Translucent Formula does not mask issues that could be unsafe
* Does not compromise mounting hardware