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    Cool To anyone considering an upgrade to Premium Membership!

    We welcome all of our members and we are grateful for your contributions, but to further reward our paying members, we gave them a little extra incentive to upgrade. Aside from the perks listed here (Premium Memberships) we also provide you with your own forum.

    In this forum you get "The Lounge" This is a place where only premium members can hang out and discuss anything that is on there minds. It is your place to get away from the norm. Since this forum is private you are free to have your discussions with out the possibility of outsiders having access to your discussions. These threads will yield no results in search engines so what ever is discussed remains here.

    We also provide you with "Premium Member Resources" In this forum you have the added access to published material such as shop manuals and wire diagrams, tuning guides, tech bulletins and special write-ups proven to work and created by you.

    The Elite members of IGOTAJEEP are dedicated to develop solutions for the community and this forum will be the repository for those results. We are currently working on several projects and only premium members will benefit from those projects. This is the place where it will happen.

    So if you wanted an incentive to upgrade, this is your reason and now is the time! So be among the first to start creating the best Jeep group in the world!

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    If you haven't had the chance to check out our premium memberships please do so today. We do what no one else does. Unfortunately this does cost money to run a successful community like this one and we need your help to keep on top of everything that keeps us safe and secure with no trolls, spam, or drama.


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