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    Exclamation Price Requesting Rules!

    This Forum is for getting price quotes. Before you purchase anything for your Jeep post it up here and give our wonderful IGOTAJEEP.COM Vendors a shot at earning your business. When you buy from our Vendors you'll gain the added ability of being in touch with them during, and after the sale.

    IGOTAJEEP.COM is a great community. Everyone is here because we enjoy it. Supporting our Vendors who support you is always a great acknowledgment of your appreciation.

    For the best prices, and the best service please buy from our Vendors. They have passed our weeding out process as we refuse to accept support from Vendors who put Members of our community in danger (exposure to injury, loss, or destruction in grave risk, or jeopardy.) This Does Exist! We only have the best Vendors selling to you.

    You can be sure our Vendors will not sell you a part just to be selling parts. They keep your safety, and your Jeep safety in mind.

    Before buying anything for your Jeep you'll need to first know what your goals are, and what your going to be using it for. This will ensure our Vendors equip you with the right product for your particular application.


    1. Please follow the rules set here. This is a privilege so don't abuse it. If you do abuse or break the rules you'll be ban instantly with no questions asked.

    2. This is not a discussion forum. No whoring or asking tech questions here. Only price requests are allowed.

    3. Please no cheer-leading, or asking a price for a friend. No one needs help asking for a price.

    4. Use this forum to request price
    Quotes from the Vendors on the site.

    5. Posts may be deleted at the discretion of the IGOTAJEEP.COM Team.

    6. All prices are to be communicated Via PM's Due To MAP Pricing ....

    7. Q - What is MAP Pricing and what does it mean to me as a potential Buyer? A -MAP = Minimum Advertised Price.

    8. Anything Vendors post, send out, or use for advertising, the MAP price is the lowest price Vendors can use (Or RISK losing their license).


    MAP = Minimum Advertised Price. If you're getting a great buy feel free to post thanks for the deal ect... "BUT, DO NOT POST YOU PURCHASING PRICE." Thanks you.

    IGOTAJEEP.COM has "EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS" to A mass private messaging program. This allows IGOTAJEEP.COM Vendors to be able to automatically send a private message to every participating member on the site upon price quote thread creation. This will make your buying experience smart, easy, fast, and most of all professional.


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