How can I register for a vendor account on I.G.O.T.A.?
Feel free to PM me CRZTRBO. As well, you can send an e-mail to

What is the pricing of a vendor account?
We offer two different levels of vendor accounts. Pricing varies depending on what type of account you would like. Please contact us for options and rates.

Can I advertise my business in any way without a vendor account?
We do not allow any form of advertising at this time. This includes but is not limited to signatures, avatars, PMs, posts, threads, classifieds, etc.

Is there any kind of package deal available to obtain a vendor account on all of the I.G.O.T.A. sites?
YES! Please contact us if you would be interested in this.

What are some of the benefits of a vendor account?
There are small little perks like being able to have an avatar/signature, more PM storage, etc. As well, you will be allowed to organize group buys, run specials, advertise your business, have a banner ad, etc. Please contact us for all the details.