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  1. Cherokee Chief

    Cherokee Chief

    Te Cherokee Chief played a big part in the Jeep History of the 1970s.
  2. For Sale: 1985 Base Jeep Cherokee

    For Sale: 1985 Base Jeep Cherokee

    Sometimes an old car will make you shake your head and ask, "how?" In this case, how did someone only put 42,000 miles on what is easily one of the most basic, lightly equipped Jeep Cherokees ever made? Currently, for sale, it has the 2.5-liter four-cylinder, a four-speed manual transmission...
  3. Concept Jeep Grand Cherokee

    Concept Jeep Grand Cherokee

    Could this be the new Jeep Grand Cherokee?
  4. Custom Offsets

    How Do You Feel About This XJ?

    What are your thoughts? Check out more pics and specs on this Jeep Here: https://www.customwheeloffset.com/wheel-offset-gallery/187922/2000-jeep-cherokee-fuel-maverick-d536-custom-suspension-lift-7in Also check out our massive selection of wheels, tires, suspension and more...